Great River Inn bed and breakfast little falls minnesota

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Great River Inn Bed and Breakfast Little Falls central Minnesota summer house front

"To everything there is a season..."

It is with deep gratitude to all our guests we announce that we are suspending operations at Great River Inn B & B. There have been many times in our lives when we have understood what is happening only by looking back at the process. Two and a half years ago when we bought 724 2nd Street SE, Little Falls, MN, we were sure it was what we were supposed to be doing. Everything fell into place in what could only have been the hand of Providence.

During these two and a half years, we have come to realize that our season here was not meant to be long, that our season here was meant only as a transition. We believe that Providence has called us again to a new place. We are not sure where we will be at any give time as this new season will be filled with the adventures of pilgrimage. We believe we have been called to a time of interim ministry, filling the gap between pastors in congregations of the Association of Free Lutheran Congegations.

We have chosen to sell the house as a single family dwelling and not a business. It is possible that the new owners will chose to also welcome guests to their home. If they do, we trust you will pay them a visit as you did us.

We are listed with Re/Max-Central Minnesota.

Again, we thank those of you who have been our guests. We have been happy to meet and serve you.

To everything there is a season.